It seems that everyone in 2014 was talking about storytelling. From Madison Avenue to Hollywood, from video games to radio programs, the art of storytelling and our human desire to share stories was once again a topic of public discourse. And as is so often the case, things got a little out of hand. Storytelling became the buzzword dujour in many media circles and it wasn’t long before the inevitable backlash arrived. 

Was 2014 the “year of the storyteller” as many would have us believe? I'll leave that to the alleged experts to debate. I do know this much — 2014 was the year of this storyteller. I spent the year honing my storytelling skills, witnessing some awe-inspiring performances, and befriending many of the amazing people that make up Washington, D.C.’s incredibly supportive storytelling scene.

Here’s a short list of my personal storytelling highlights from last year:

SpeakeasyDC Presents: Sucker for Love
February 14 

I remain honored to have been included as part of the amazing line up for SpeakeasyDC’s annual Valentine’s Day show at the legendary 930 Club. Two sold out shows. Two incredibly supportive crowds. One night I won’t forget as long as I live.

Story League Presents: Shady
May 21 

Ever since I discovered storytelling, I’ve been a fan of Story League’s monthly competitions. On this May night, I walked home the winner as judge’s favorite with a tale about a particularly shady young lady that I met online.

Better Said Than Done Presents: Carrying the Torch
January 25 

One of the reasons I became a storyteller is to share the story of my cancer misdiagnosis and my fight to make it to the starting line of the 2012 Boston Marathon. This show’s theme offered just the right opportunity to debut this emotional tale in front of an incredibly supportive crowd. I will undoubtedly tell this story over and over and over again, but I will never forget the time and place I told it for the first time.

Perfect Liars Club at Capital Fringe Festival
July 10 & July 19

A storytelling twist on the classic parlor game “Three Truths and a Lie,” I’ve been performing with Perfect Liars Club since it’s very first show in 2013. Its debut at this year’s Capital Fringe was heralded with some of the festival’s best reviews and exposed this underground hit to whole new audience. It’s no surprise that Perfect Liars has moved its monthly show to the much roomier Bier Baron.


SpeakeasyDC Presents: Swan Songs
November 11

One of the stories that I kept going back to over and over and over again in 2014 was my tale of a chance encounter at the Hooters of Topeka, Kansas during my epic cross-country road trip of 2013. In the case of this story, the third time telling was the charm — balancing the right amount of humor and seriousness — and garnering an amazing response from the audience.

American Advertising Awards - DC
March 18

All those years I worked in advertising and attended the DCADDYs, I never imagined that I would actually host the industry's annual award show. At the 930 Club. In leather pants. Dreams DO come true!

Other personal highlights from 2014 include:

It's no secret that 2014 was an incredible year for this storyteller, but I couldn't have done it without your support, your friendship, and your love. So thank you. And one more thing...

2015 is going to be even better!