Fighting cold winds, the post-election blahs, and the ubiquitous rush-hour traffic that Washington is known for, over 125 D.C. denizens packed themselves into the always cozy Bier Baron Tavern for the December 2016 installment of Perfect Liars Club — a show that will go down in Perfect Liars lore as an “instant classic.” Those who were able to find themselves a seat at this SOLD OUT show were treated to a performance that will be talked about for years to come. And the stories from our stacked line up of Perfect Liars veterans? Oh my…

  • Did Keith’s patriotic yet ill-conceived Moscow busking act directly contribute to Vladmir Putin’s rise to power?
  • Did hairdresser Melissa really seek out and pay for (on multiple occasions) the advice of a Georgetown psychic?
  • Did Kevin’s role as the Wicked Witch of the West in a high school production of the Wizard of Oz soar to new levels when he got high before a performance for young children?
  • And did Graham’s part-time stint as a Reserve Office for MPD take a decidedly ugly turn when he was dragged into a “lovers quarrel” at a nightclub?

Even before the interrogation began, there were questions to ponder:

  • Would Laura, the self-proclaimed “liar spotting expert” in the audience accurately identify the night’s prevaricator by secret ballot prior to the start of the show?
  • Was the man Melissa acknowledged in the audience really her father or merely a paid actor hired to play the role and deceive the audience?
  • Would Perfect Liars Club host Pierce be able to keep the show on track without the assistance of missing co-host Cara?

Thing only got more interesting when it came time for the audience to interrogate the night’s storytellers:

  • How did a male student get cast in a female roll at a high school in Texas?
  • What was the exchange rate — Rubles to US Dollar — when Keith was “performing” at Mr. America on the streets of Moscow?
  • Where does a struggling hairdresser find the means to pay a Georgetown psychic hundreds of dollars?
  • And — what has to be one of the most amusing questions ever asked at Perfect Liars Club — why didn’t Police Officer Graham call 9-1-1 when he discovered his bloody victim?

There was much table side discussion in the run up to the vote, with many an animated audience member pleading his or her case to their surrounding audience mates. And when the votes were tallied, Melissa’s tale of being fleeced by a psychic was deemed the most suspicious. She was followed by tellers Graham and Kevin, who were found equally suspicious in a very rare tie vote. It was Mr. America himself, Keith, who received the fewest votes. And considering the vote, as well as the confidence of the crowd in the accuracy of their choice, it came as a shock to all -- except for 14 shrewd souls in attendance -- that Keith was the night’s Perfect Liar.