It's been awhile since I posted a Perfect Liars Club show recap. Here's what happened at the March 2016 show:

Coolio, Catfish, Scooters & More:
March's Perfect Liars Club Has a Little Something for Everyone

Our sold out show last Wednesday night at the Bier Baron was a stellar return to the patented Perfect Liars Club format. The standing room only crowd was entertained by a cast comprised of show veterans, Story District recruits, and a NYC-based storyteller who traveled to D.C. just to take part in our smash storytelling hit. Despite their differences, our storytellers did share one thing in common — a preposterous tale that tried the belief of all in attendance.

  • Did Keith really take an assignment in Azerbaijan to photograph “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper, Coolio?
  • Did Rupert travel to South American to eat guinea pig and consume hallucinogens with a shaman? 
  • Did Rebecca really let a group of skateboarders hitch a ride on her scooter through downtown D.C.?
  • And was the charming gentleman that Vanessa met on her morning commute too good to be true?

In the end, audience voting landed on a virtual tie between Rebecca and Vanessa. After a bonus round of polling, Vanessa was deemed the liar. But was the audience right? As the thunderous sounds of the crowd generated drumroll crescendoed throughout the crowded bar, the night’s liar stepped forward. And as so rarely happens at Perfect Liars Club, this was one occasion when the audience actually got it right!

Let's do it all over again, shall we? Join us on Wednesday, April 6th, when Perfect Liars Club is back in action at the Bier Baron Tavern. Get your tickets today before they're all gone