June 7, 2017 : The Bier Baron Tavern
Call to Prayer, Subway Lessons, Bowling Accidents, and Puppy Vomit

Scores of Washington’s curious and inquisitive beat the early summer heat by packing themselves into Dupont Circle’s Bier Baron Tavern for the June 2017 Perfect Liars Club. In return, they were treated to four far-fetched tales from a lineup of storytelling pros that featured three show veterans and first-timer who made the trip all the way from New York City to partake in our unique storytelling-interrogation format. 

As typical of our monthly affairs, there was quite a bit of fodder for the crowd’s contemplation:

  • Did Keith attempt to fake his way through morning prayers after discovering that he’d lingered inside a mosque far too long following the Call to Worship?
  • Did an aggressive fellow subway rider spit in Tracey’s face when she employed some of her newly-learned assertiveness techniques?
  • Did Erika accidentally injure her secret crush with an errant bowling ball toss at a birthday party that she hastily arranged for herself?
  • Did Katy induce a puppy to vomit after it accidentally swallowed pills that were in her purse?

Between the cacophony of laughter and skeptical sighs that filled the packed bar, it was clear that our audience was as entertained as it was suspicious. An observation confirmed by the number of hands that shot up once the floor was opened to questions, which included:

  • Besides the mosque, could Keith name any of the other sights he had seen during his travels? 
  • What subway line was Tracey riding when the spitting incident occurred? 
  • If Erika barely knew her secret crush, how did he wind up at her birthday party
  • Why didn’t Katy escort the puppy outside the ornately carpeted home before the vomiting began?

Each storyteller’s response yielded more questions from an increasingly mistrustful audience. And despite a mid-interrogation dance break to determine if Keith, in fact, did not know the moves to the Electric Slide, the audience’s demand for answers could not be sated. And as the interrogation came to a close, it was anyone’s guess as to how the votes would swing.

The total tally told the tale. Katy, with 42 votes, was deemed the night’s liar, followed by Erika, Keith, and Tracey, in that order. The drum roll sounded. The audience’s anticipation peaked, and to the shock of one and all, Erika stood before them -- another Perfect Liar unspotted.

Much like Erika in her very own fabricated fable, our June 2017 audience had also dropped the ball.