February 6, 2019 | The Bier Baron Tavern & DC Comedy Loft
Psychic Breadstick Make Out Ride

It was the first Wednesday of February, and Dupont Circle's legendary Bier Baron Tavern and DC Comedy Loft once again welcomed back Perfect Liars Club for a mid-week dose of rowdy revelry.  The chill of winter and the previous evening's State of the Union address did little to deter another sold-out crowd from taking roost in every available seat. Four months had passed since DC's best and brightest caught a liar in the act? Would they return to their sleuthing ways tonight? Only time would tell. But first, the stories...

  • Did emergency services employee Mick fear for his life after a coworker fielded a call from an alleged clairvoyant claiming that someone was going to die that night?

  • Did Eric's date bring a dog with him on their outing to one of Philadelphia's fanciest restaurants subsequently leading to a shouting match over "who was more racist" at a neighborhood Olive Garden?

  • Did former all-girls Catholic school student Cait discover the joys of making out with random strangers at college parties only to succumb to a horrible case of mononucleosis?

  • Did Stephanie's attempts to seal the deal with her youth group crush go awry on a haunted log flume ride at King's Dominion when she discovered him canoodling with a fellow classmate, who happened to be a fellow?

The capacity crowd was on the edge of its seats from start to finish, hanging on each and every storyteller's word and alternating between bursts of laughter and mental note scribbling. One could tell that they had an inkling of suspicion around who the night's fraud may be, but more intel was needed before that suspicion could be confirmed. A perfect set up for a thrilling interrogation round.

  • Why was Mick sent home from work early after the call center had received the mysterious message from the alleged psychic?

  • How could Eric have possibly consumed "endless" breadsticks at the Olive Garden bar as he waited to confront his dog-owning date? Anyone who's been to Olive Garden knows that endless breadsticks are only available with table service NOT at the bar.

  • If Cait truly attended an all-girls Catholic high school, could she recite the Our Father for everyone in attendance?

  • Did Stephanie still own the anklet that her crush had given her in the Sweet Baby Jesus Gift Exchange?

Hands were raised. Votes were counted. And, by the slimmest of margins, Stephanie bested Cait by a mere four votes -- 37 to 33, followed by Mick with 25 votes and Eric with 18 votes. 

The drum roll sounded. The storytellers jockeyed for position. And to the delighted screams of the majority in attendance, Stephanie stood before them all. A hopeless liar spotted, undone by her tale of unrequited love and an alleged "haunted log flume" that just didn't make a splash with the crowd.