October 3, 2018, at Bier Baron:
Where there isn't smoke there just might be fire!

It was a balmy, early-autumn Wednesday in Washington, DC and The Bier Baron Tavern & DC Comedy Loft was once again buzzing with excitement. Perfect Liars Club was in session, and a crowd teeming with first-timers had come to try their hand at distinguishing fact from fiction.  Would they endure the fate suffered by so many audiences before them or would they break rank and actually identify October's liar?

The lineup -- featuring a much-celebrated Perfect Liars Club veteran and three first-timers handpicked from the city's vibrant storytelling scene -- delivered four hilarious tales that had the capacity crowd grinning from ear-to-ear, start to finish:

  • Did volunteer firefighter Graham respond to an emergency call only to discover that it was a false alarm reported by a bachelorette party hoping for some salacious male entertainment?

  • Did Sufian's Moscow dinner party with friends take an intriguing and potentially dangerous turn when he was held and questioned by members of the KGB?

  • Was American-abroad Maryam recruited to perform karaoke in front of a 1000 people at the Emirates Palace as part of an international competition hosted by actor Billy Zane?

  • Did recent college grad Len relocate to Ohio to write for a metallurgical science magazine with an editor known for his tendency to fire staff in "legendary fashion?"

Before intermission, October's show host Pierce prompted the crowd. "Do you think you know who the liar is?" Contrary to previous audiences, this group was adamantly vocal. "Yes!" they shouted. "It's Graham!" Would their strong conviction hold up once the interrogation was underway? Only time would tell. 

  • Could Graham entertain the crowd with some of the male stripper moves he described in his story?

  • Did Sufian remember what his hosts served for dinner that night in Moscow?

  • Could Maryam recreate the magic of her Emirates Palace appearance by rapping Jay-Z's lyrics from the song she performed that night?

  • Could Len cite the titles of one or more articles that he wrote during his tenure at the magazine?

Each storyteller held their own despite the rapid-fire peppering of questions from the audience. And yet, after 30 minutes of grilling, the audience's original suspicion did not waver. The lopsided vote tally told the tale. Graham's impromptu stint as "sexy fireman on call" was deemed rubbish by a whopping 33 people in attendance, besting his nearest competitor Len by 15 votes.

But was the audience correct? Had they successfully spotted the first hopeless liar of the 2018-19 Liar Spotting season? Sound the alarm... they did! Graham stepped forward, a hopeless liar spotted by a DC audience very much in need of good news for a change. Although Graham's story may have been nothing but smoke and mirrors, the successful sleuthers at October's Perfect Liars Club really turned up the heat.

Good job, Washingtonians!