October 5, 2017, at Bier Baron:
Ex-Con Romance, Beach Bonus Bomb, Coworker Confusion, and Tongue Piercing Trauma

On a bright and balmy October evening that belied the arrival of autumn, hordes of Perfect Liars Club faithful and a host of first-time attendees made their way to Dupont Circle's Bier Baron Tavern to partake in the monthly mayhem that is Perfect Liars Club. After failing to spot the liar in the first show of the 2017-2018 season, would the energized crowd find redemption in the truth or be foiled yet again by a shocking inability to identify a falsehood? 

No matter the outcome, one thing was for certain -- the capacity crowd was spellbound by the outrageous tales of the four performers, handpicked from the area's storytelling, improv, and stand-up comedy scenes. 

  • Did Ivy have a summer fling with an ex-con who crashed on the living room couch of her graduate school group house?
  • Was Shawn's bonus for a job well done at a local ad agency nothing more than a timeshare pitch at a Destin, Florida resort?
  • Did Katherine's coworker enter the convent after making series of Facebook posts that were mistakenly interpreted as "cries for help"?
  • Did Nupe get his tongue pierced while traveling in Spain in a misguided effort to impress a girl?

So many rich details begat so many richer questions.

  • How did Ivy extricate herself from her relationship with a known felon?
  • Why did self-proclaimed "Not a Beach Guy" Shawn willingly accept a vacation to the shores of the Florida panhandle?
  • How did Katherine know so much about her coworker's spiritual journey?
  • Could a certain audience member inspect Nupe's mouth to determine if he did have a tongue ring at some point? He obliged. Her findings? Inconclusive.

When the hands were raised and the votes were tallied, Katherine and Nupe found themselves in a statistical dead heat for the liar crown.  So, in a rare Perfect Liars Club occurrence, a runoff vote was held. And as the second round of votes were counted, Katherine and her tale of a coworker's quest for sisterhood were deemed the evening's most suspect pairing.

The drumroll sounded as the packed audience offered up silent prayers in the hope that they had finally gotten it right. But as Shawn stepped forward, revealing himself as October's Perfect Liar to yet another duped crowd, we all were reminded that the devil is truly in the details.